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Who does the animation for Persona 5?

The 26-episode anime television series adaptation was announced in July 2017 for a 2018 premiere, with CloverWorks animating the series.The game's animated cutscenes were produced by Production I.G and Domerica, and were directed and supervised by Toshiyuki Kono. Kono was contacted three and a half years before the game's completion by Hashino. Faced with the project, Kono felt a great deal of pressure in his role.Persona 5: the Animation is an anime television series produced by CloverWorks, a Japanese animation studio and a rebrand of A1 Pictures, renowned for making popular amine series such as Fairy Tail, The Promised Neverland, and Darling in the Franxx.

Does Persona 5 the animation follow the game : The Persona 5 anime is mostly a straight adaptation of the original game. That is to say it does not cover any material from Persona 5 Royal. That may not be the case for long though. In regard to the Persona 4 anime, that was re-released to include storylines from the PS Vita port, Persona 4 Golden.

Who draws the Persona art

Shigenori Soejima

Shigenori Soejima (副島 成記, Soejima Shigenori, born February 24, 1974) is a Japanese video game artist, best known for his work in the Persona series of role-playing video games by Atlus.

Did mappa animate Persona 5 : Fun fact! MAPPA animated Persona 5 Royal–they're the same animation studio who did Yuri!!

Persona 6 will be coming to "multiple platforms", including Xbox and Switch / Switch 2.

Persona 5 is the sixth game in the Persona series. It is a role-playing game developed by Atlus' P-Studio.

Should I finish Persona 5 before watching the anime

It would be better to play the game first because the anime covers the full/mostly story of the game and you would be pretty spoiled for the game if you have watched/completed the game.Shigenori Soejima is a Japanese illustrator, graphic designer and currently an employee of Atlus' Japanese branch.Yusuke

Persona 5. Yusuke is an honor student in an art course at the Kosei Public High School. Orphaned at a young age, he was found to have artistic talents and he is currently a live-in disciple of a famous Japanese painter by the name of Ichiryusai Madarame.

Summary. Studio MAPPA's reputation as an amazing anime studio is overshadowed by the controversy surrounding its toxic work environment for animators. Animators at Studio MAPPA are overworked and underpaid, and they often vent their frustration on social media.

What all did MAPPA animate : MAPPA Co., Ltd.

on Ice, In This Corner of the World, Kakegurui, Banana Fish, Zombie Land Saga, Dororo (in co-production with Tezuka Productions), Dorohedoro, The God of High School, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Vinland Saga Season 2, Chainsaw Man, and Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.

Is Persona 4 related to 5 : You can play the games in whatever order you'd like since none of the games stories have anything to do with eachother. Though in persona 5 there are a few cameos of persona 4 characters.

Who is Joker’s canon Persona

While the player can freely choose a given name for Joker, his Phantom Thief codename, he is canonically named Ren Amamiya in most appearances. Akira Kurusu is used in the game's manga adaptation.

Persona 4 The Animation (ペルソナ4アニメ, Perusona 4 Anime) is a television anime adaptation of Persona 4 that was created by AIC ASTA and overseen by Aniplex, using the same characters, setting and narrative of the source material.The Persona Q series takes place in a separate enclosed world in which the characters of Persona 3, 4, and 5 are drawn into from their respective time periods. Dialogue in Q2 also suggests that Persona 5 takes place only a few years after 4.

Will the Persona 5 anime spoil the game : *Warning* the anime follows the game plot closely, so if you haven't played the game yet, the anime episodes would spoil the plot twists in the game. In my case though, because I enjoyed the anime (episodes 1-26 so far), I don't mind the spoilers. In fact, the spoilers helped me to skip dialogues ahead in the game.