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Who can chrom marry?
Robin will be playing a secondary role to the game, alongside Lucina, behind the lead character, Chrom. If Robin is male, the two cannot marry. The game begins with a vision. Robin and Chrom are fighting Validar, and after a grueling fight, they seemingly succeed in killing him.If you are currently playing as female Robin, marry Chrom ASAP. This allows Lucina to have access to a grand amount of classes, and the pairing makes sense in general. If your unit is male, have Chrom marry Sumia.Lucina is born the daughter of Chrom, the prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, in a world that is doomed to fall to despair. She nevertheless fights tirelessly to resist Grima, the Fell Dragon, who is determined to destroy the world, even after the conflict claims her father's life.

How old is Chrom : Chrom (19) – At the beginning of the game, Chrom is officially 19-years-old, but he certainly doesn't act like it.

Can Chrom marry Lucina

Other than the one he married, yes. If there is no one left, Chrom will marry Lucina, who will give birth to Lucina and ensure that Lucina is born. Doon't let Chrom marry the generic village girl…she'll have no useful skills to pass down to Lucina.

Who is the best wife for Chrom : "Life is long when you live it, but oh so short when you look back." Sumia and Olivia are considered the best wife options for Chrom outside of FeMu.

Marrying Chrom makes a very powerful Robin x Chrom pairing as an active unit pair at the expense of a slightly weaker Morgan, and it gives you an excellent Lucina, though she is somewhat skill slot limited.

Her ship with female Robin is not possible in canon and while it has some following, it's not as popular considering that female Robin can be Lucina's mother if paired with Chrom. People have different opinions to this ship due to the fact that Lucina travels from the future and marries someone from the past.

Can Chrom marry someone else

Chrom's possible wives are: My Unit Female, Sully, Maribelle, Sumia, and Olivia. If you chose female MyUnit, Lucina can do everything. No, seriously, everything. Also, Morgan becomes much stronger thanks to Rightful King access.Sumia

At the end of Chapter 11, Chrom marries Sumia, rejecting the player.Assuming she was 19 before the timeskip, she' be 21 after it… and turn 22 at that event. Which, if it were the first one, would mean she's the same age as the series: her birthday is the same as the Release date of FE1. I'm guessing round 18 or so. It's the usual age for characters, from like 16-20.

Lucina tells that her father Chrom was killed by his most trusted friend who was possessed by Grima. She is not sure who it was, but eventually the traitor is revealed to be Robin. If Robin is male he can marry Lucina by archiving a S support with her.

How do I get Chrome to marry Olivia : To ensure that you get Chrom to marry Olivia, make sure that Chrom never builds a support relationship with any of his other possible wives, even if it is just one heart, and then make Olivia Dance for him a few times in her joining chapter.

Who can a male Robin marry : Canon. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Robin can marry any character of the opposite gender, with the exception of their child Morgan and Einherjar units. Robin is also the only character who can marry Tiki, Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Yen'fay, Aversa, and Priam.

How is Laurent older than Lucina

Although Laurent was born after Lucina, he was sent three years before Lucina arrived, causing him to be older than her (and potentially his parents). Like the other children characters, Laurent wears his mother's ring, his memento of her.

HumanLucina / SpeciesRobin and Lucina is arguably the most popular ship for male Robin and Lucina. The pairing follows the theme of star crossed lovers defying Fate together. Robcina is as if it was originally meant to be that way since Lucina has a lot of feelings towards male Robin in the story.

Who should Frederick marry : Lissa is a good match (and you could argue it is a canon pairing). When paired up, she'll get a DEF boost from Frederick and he can carry her around to injured units and protect her as needed. Even better once you promote her into War Cleric or Sage, so she can perform Double Strikes.