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What is the true ending of Persona 5?
True Ending

Of the many endings in Persona 5, there's only one true, canonical ending. Instead of accepting the god of control's offer in the Velvet Room, Joker intends on breaking the world from its control and giving people free will.Vanilla Persona 5 Ended On A Hopeful Note

Finally, the protagonist defeats the false god instead of siding with him. After some additional events that ultimately result in the protagonist's criminal record being cleared, it's time for him to return home from his probation.In the True Ending, yes, he is mostly likely very alive. If he were simply an illusion, they wouldn't include the 2 men escorting him. Those 2 men are there to show that yes, he is real and probably turned himself in to the police again (assuming those men are on the right side and not Shido's goons again).

What happens to Joker at the end of Persona 5 Royal : Joker spends time in juvenile prison as intended, his friends manage to free him after a few months, and the Persona 5 Royal true ending plays out, with the player character getting on his train home, exhausted but victorious. Then, the credits roll, and a scene plays at the end.

Is there a bad ending in Persona 5

When the story has caught up with the flashbacks, you can get a bad ending by responding incorrectly. To avoid this, select the first response to the second and third questions during the interrogation. Another bad ending comes by failing to complete the final Palace by its deadline.

Who is Joker’s final Persona Persona 5 : Joker's primary persona is Arsene, and fights with knives and handguns in addition to his Persona powers. His ultimate persona is Satanael, the Gnostic equivalent of the devil and a deity who can harness the power of the seven deadly sins.

Morgana never did turn human. Lavenza notes (but it's never outright stated) that Morgana's final mission is to return to the people — as we see when he's shining in the last stretch of the final dungeon — giving people their hope back, but ultimately sacrificing himself in the process.

Persona 5's plot twist was one of the story's highlights. For most of the game, Joker's interrogation by Sae is used as a framing device. However, Persona 5 party member Goro Akechi was actually a traitor, and it turns out that the Phantom Thieves knew about his treachery and set up an elaborate scenario to fool him.

Who killed Akechi Persona 5

Akechi redeems himself by sacrificing his life to save his friend – he shoots his Cognitive double, then seals himself and the double behind a steel barricade. Smiling sadly, Akechi asks Ren to take down Shido in his stead. With this, Akechi and the protagonist's "desires become one".When Maruki is defeated and reality reverts, the past doesn't change, simply everyone returns to their "present" state of causality had Maruki not interfered. This means that Akechi is still alive because he was still alive when they returned to reality.Background Information and Notes. If the information provided by the Joker's sometimes distorted memories was to be considered canon, then it was the random death of Jeannie and their unborn child which essentially drove the man to insanity.

Here, you are given a choice by Igor. If you agree to the offer, then you'll get the Good Ending. If you decline, then you'll then continue playing and ultimately make your way to the True Ending, which is of course the one that everyone wants.

Is it Akira or Ren : While the player can freely choose a given name for Joker, his Phantom Thief codename, he is canonically named Ren Amamiya in most appearances. Akira Kurusu is used in the game's manga adaptation.

Who is the true villain in Persona 5 : Masayoshi Shido

Masayoshi Shido is the main antagonist of the 2016 ATLUS action-adventure video game Persona 5 and its 2019 expansion re-release, Persona 5 Royal.

Is Morgana in love with Ann

Morgana is also a hopeless romantic, and would fall in love with Ann Takamaki, referring to her as "Lady Ann" as his way of expressing his love.

And with her now revealed to have magic, Morgana's resent on Uther became hate, which contributed to her turn to the dark side and Morgause merely did the rest. She also helped train Morgana hone her powers and help control them.While the player can freely choose a given name for Joker, his Phantom Thief codename, he is canonically named Ren Amamiya in most appearances. Akira Kurusu is used in the game's manga adaptation.

Does Persona 5 have a sad ending : There are several Persona 5 Royal endings throughout this story. Some are good, many bad, but only one is true. All are possible depending on choices and competency across the game's Palaces. Thankfully, the bad endings are easy to avoid if you know what you're doing.