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What is the strongest class in Dark Souls 1?
Bandit, Wanderer, Pyro and Cleric are the best starting classes for Str, Dex, Int and Fth respectively. Deprived and Thief have too many wasted points. Also note that Wanderer and Pyromancer have an extra point of Resistance that comes at no cost.Sorcerers' expertise in sorceries are at the expense of having poor physical damage output. Their dexterity, unlike their strength, is decent, however. For new players playing blind, Sorcerers can be tricky, since the merchants for the other spells must be found before new spells can be obtained.However, given the choice, we recommend going for the Master Key. This will let you unlock most locked doors in Dark Souls, and also allows you to break the traditional path that most players use to finish the game in order to get something that'll see you through the first half of the game – the Crimson Set.

Is Wanderer good in Dark Souls : Wanderers have low defense, but to compensate, have high dexterity. Their vitality is low, and combined with their light starting gear, makes Wanderers not very durable in the early game. Wanderers want to close the distance quickly and use fast combos to take out enemies before they can attack.

What is the most damage in Dark Souls 1

The Demon's Greataxe has the highest potential raw damage, due to nice base attack rating and S-scaling in Strength. A Crystal Demon's Greataxe +5 wielded with 99 Strength has 767 attack rating. This weapon can be enchanted.

What is the best class for the first playthrough of ds1 : Pyromancer is the most beginner friendly. The starting armor is pretty exceptional, despite having no Poise, and the Fireball spell is very strong early in the game.

If you're just looking to play the game, pick Warrior. If you want to be able to take a lot of hits and just generally tank stuff, then pick Knight. If you want to move fast, pick Wanderer. Or if you want to be generally magic focused, pick Pyromancer or Sorcerer.

Furthermore, Souls maintains femininity as a form of otherness, for the centrality of womanhood is only ever maintained in the narratives of other characters. Despite the possibility of playing a female character, the game's fundamental attitude to the player does not shift based upon this choice.

Does physique matter in Dark Souls

Its has no "gameplay" effect. Weight, size, head size makes no difference to enemies in game.1) Wanderer has great damage potential as an on-field damage dealer. He is able to dish out consistent strong damage through his Normal and Charged attacks in his Windfavored state. His Burst does good damage as well, particularly with his Constellation 2, though it is not the focus of his damage output.The Wanderer can be very strong in combat but he has several weaknesses that severely limit his potential.

Best Builds In Dark Souls, Ranked

  1. 1 Giant Dad. Required Stats.
  2. 2 Oroboro's Falchion Build. Required Stats.
  3. 3 Bonewheel Skelly. Required Stats.
  4. 4 Crestfallen Warrior. Required Stats.
  5. 5 Ayriak's Quality Pyromancer. Required Stats.
  6. 6 Slow-Walk Build. Required Stats.
  7. 7 Knight Artorias. Required Stats.
  8. 8 Kirk Knight Of Thorns.

What is the scariest area in Dark Souls 1 : Scariest: The Depths. This place has the scariest enemies in the entire game – slimes, Giant Rats, basilisks, etc. Best: Anor Londo. 'nuff said.

Do starting classes matter Dark Souls : You just start out at different Soul Levels and different stat allocations. You can pick a Warrior as your starting class, but still pump points in Intelligence and play as a mage. It doesn't matter much. It determines your starting stats/spells/equipment, but you can build any class into anything.

Should I start with DS1

Definitely play DS1 first, reasons being: – DS3 is a direct sequel to DS1 and you won't even understand the intro video if you've never played DS1. Of course, a lot of people simply don't care about the story, but it absolutely won't make sense without having played DS1 first.


Head down into the chamber and you see Anri laying motionless (hopefully lifeless based on what's about to happen) with her head covered. Well, it's time to get married. Click X to get married on Anri and you will plunge the sword into his/her head.Great game, a little hard for younger kids.

This game should be 12+ or 9+. The media takes violence too seriously. You are killing demons as an undead knight. I know that tat might leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but if your kid is set on getting this game and is 12 and older at least 9 then it should be fine.

Can you get overpowered in Dark Souls : After defeating the boss of the area, players will head out through the large door and get pick up on the ledge by a large crow. The crow will then drop them off at Firelink Shrine. It is here that players will begin their journey to become overpowered.